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About NetSoc

NetSoc is a CSA Project under the European Community's 7th Framework Programme (FP7).

1 July 2012 – 30 June 2014



Eurescom GmbH
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg


  • Eurescom GmbH (Germany)
  • ASTRIUM SAS (France)
  • ERICSSON AB (Sweden)
  • Nokia Siemens Networks Management International GmbH (Germany)


no news in this list.

no news in this list.


16 October 2013

FI-STAR open call for additional project partners

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2 July 2013

Video Blog from FuNeMS 2013

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25 June 2013

FIA books are popular

Download numbers of the FIA books continue to increase[more]


The strategic objective of the Networked Society Project is to define requirements for future networks that can seamlessly support the Networked Society of 2020 by enabling an informed dialogue and policy debate between the terrestrial, satellite and content delivery communities among them and with other industrial and social application sectors. The project also wants to ensure the correct positioning of the networks and ICT issues in Horizon 2020.

5th Usage Areas Workshop

Future Internet – Enabling opportunities for vertical application sectors

Brussels on 3 April 2014 - collocated with ECFI - European Conference on the Future Internet

The session aims at cultivating a common discussion between the stakeholders from ICT and vertical application sectors using, and planning to use, the services and facilities of the future communications network infrastructures. For example, the addressed vertical sectors include, but are not limited to: Energy, Smart Cities, Transport, Tourism, Agriculture, Health, and Manufacturing. Besides addressing and discussion the needs of the big industry players in these application sectors, the session will focus particularly on the role of innovative SMEs, their areas of interests, and opportunities to participate.

This workshop session follows the successfu lFuture Internet usage area workshops, organised by FP7 projects EX-FI and NetSoc in 2010, 2011, and 2012. A key theme of the sessionm will be to identify the opportunities for supported ICT cross-sector collaborative research in FI-PPP Phase 3 and planned Open Calls for developers of innovative applications. The workshop will also address related opportunities for SMEs and further industry and academic players in the European research and innovation programmes Horizon 2020 and Celtic-Plus.

Agenda and presentatios are available on the ECFI website.

Innovation potential in Future Internet and FIRE programmes and opportunities for SMEs

A session at Future Internet Assembly - Athens, 19 March 2014 - organised by NetSoc

How can we identify innovation potential of the Future Internet initiatives (FI-PPP, 5G PPP and FIRE) and where are concrete opportunities for SMEs and start-ups? What is the relation between the initiatives and how can we ensure continuity through the programmes in respect to development of new innovative applications and sustainable business models? How can SMEs get funding and access to testbeds for free to develop their own product?

Agenda and further background information about the session is available here.

Towards the Networked Society of 2020

Network infrastructure technologies have to continuously evolve to support the rapidly growing demand for communications support during the current decade and to pave the way for the upcoming network society in the next decade. By 2020 advanced communications capabilities will be an integral part of everything we do and it will be provided and operated through a pervasive high capacity seamless infrastructure. Building this fully interconnected Networked Society will require a drastic change in the traditional boundaries between industry sectors and their vertical business models. It also requires that research efforts and resources are focused on the critical issues and cross sector ICT synergies are maximised.

The Networked Society CSA project understands the importance of starting now to establish the new cross sector understandings and working relationships that will be essential if Europe is to seriously challenge for Industrial leadership in the ICT domain in the Horizon2020 time frame. The project will identify the challenges that need to be considered to ensure that European industry and political leaders recognize how vital it is that we take appropriate action now to secure the economic and social benefits of the Networked Society for Europe.

Partners of the Networked Society consortium are convinced that a holistic perspective on the priorities for network related research is needed. Therefore, we will investigate innovative new scenarios integrating the benefits of terrestrial and satellite communications and content delivery networks (including broadcast networks) to the benefit of citizens. Through investigating innovative scenarios, developing stimulating white papers and leading guided workshops with multiple usage areas, we will identify and prioritize the requirements on future networks and drive the policy debate on networking research issues in Europe.