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The NetSoc project facilitated discussions on establishment of a PPP within Horizon 2020 programme, contributing to creation of the 5G European Infrastructure initiative.
















The NetSoc project facilitated discussions on re-establishment of the European Technology Platforms in the networking and media domains. As a result, a joint ETP among Net!Works and ISI platforms has been established and NEM Initiative establshed its new mission.


Innovation potential in Future Internet and FIRE programmes and opportunities for SMEs

A session at Future Internet Assembly - Athens, 19 March 2014 - organised by NetSoc

How can we identify innovation potential of the Future Internet initiatives (FI-PPP, 5G PPP and FIRE) and where are concrete opportunities for SMEs and start-ups? What is the relation between the initiatives and how can we ensure continuity through the programmes in respect to development of new innovative applications and sustainable business models? How can SMEs get funding and access to testbeds for free to develop their own product?

Further background information about the session is available here.


Introduction, Position of network related PPPs in the research landscape, Expansion phase of the FI-PPP – David Kennedy (Eurescom) / Ilkka Lakaniemi (Aalto University) – CONCORD project

Identifying business opportunities for SMEs and startups in PPP programmes – Jürgen Jähnert (Business initiative Baden-Württemberg: connected) / Alexandra Rudl (EIG project)

Position and opportunities of SMEs in FIRE+ initiative - Jean-Charles Point (JCP-Consult) – FUSION project

5G PPP overview – Didier Bourse (Alcatel-Lucent) / Rahim Tafazolli (University of Surrey) – NetSoc project

The SME perspective - reasons to take part (or not) in Future Internet Programmes, Mirko Ross (Echolot)

Open discussion – all session participants

Wrap-up – Halid Hrasnica (Eurescom) – NetSoc project


Presentations from the event are available at the FIA website.

Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure for the Future Internet

Public Private Partnership in Horizon 2020

"Creating a Smart Ubiquitous Network for the Future Internet"

The communication network and service environment of 2020 will be infinitely richer and more complex than that of today. Our expectation is that in 2020 the network infrastructure will be capable of connecting everything according to a multiplicity of application specific requirements: People, things, processes, computing centres, content, knowledge, information, goods, in a flexible, truly mobile, and powerful way. The future will encompass connected sensors, connected vehicles, smart meters and smart home gadgets way beyond our current experience of tablet and smartphone connectivity.

There is urgency to properly address the novel infrastructure that will be needed to cater for these challenging and unprecedented growth and performance characteristics. Manufacturers, service providers and also internet players, that are operating data centres, are involved in this evolution. This will lead to redefining the value chains, reinventing the roles and relationships between the players, whilst opening new innovation opportunities. In parallel, a turning point is coming in communications networks with the progressive introduction of virtualisation and of software based network functionalities to offer the required flexibility and reactivity.

These novel network requirements, technologies and architectures will introduce a wide range of industrial opportunities for both established and new actors and also for SME's. Europe must take this golden opportunity to drive the changes and position European vendors, service providers and innovative SME's in new markets and with new offers.


Complete document available here.

Networked Society in Horizon 2020 - ICT event 2013 in Vilnius


New European Technology Platform on Communications Networks

On 29 October 2013 a new ETP founded by the former Net!Works and ISI ETPs has been launched at the launch event in Brussels and attended by 160 participants. The name and brand of the new ETP is yet to be defined. In the morning of the day, directly before the launch event, the last GAs of Net!Works and ISI took place, after which both ETPs were closed down. As the new ETP does not have a web presence yet, information regarding the new ETP is temporarily provided on the Net!Works web.  The membership of all Net!Works and ISI members has been transferred and they became automatically member of the new ETP.

More information at and


The NEM Initiative issued the New NEM Mission document, describing future orientation of the NEM European Technology Platform.

The NEM Initiative is one of the recognized European Technology Platforms of Horizon 2020 programme, aiming at building sustainable European leadership in content, media, and the creative industries. With the launch of the Horizon 2020, a renewed NEM Initiative, for the time being called “New NEM”, will pursue its objective to promote an innovative European approach to convergent Media, Content and Creativity towards a Future Media Internet that will enhance the lives of European citizens through a richer media experience.

For more information visit the NEM Initiative website at